Called to the Wild


Called to the Wild book is a 40-day outdoor devotional written by Chris Lawrence, the executive director of Hope Has Arrived. 100% of the purchase will go directly to helping people find hope against cancer. Price includes shipping and signature.


Called to the Wild is a 40-day outdoor devotional published by Sea Harp Press. Written by Chris Lawrence, the founder and executive director of Hope Has Arrived, each day includes a biblical meditation and an outdoor story, including sports like skiing, rock climbing backpacking or whitewater kayaking.

From the back of the book:

“Life is full of unknowns. It’s natural to want answers, explanations, and clear directions along the way. But for the Christ-follower, this longing for clarity is met with a mysterious invitation: to trust, to surrender, to lay down one’s life.”

The book will inspire the reader to:

  • Connect with God’s Word in a fresh way
  • Trust God in the unknown
  • Walk more intimately with God

100% of the purchase (minus shipping cost) will go directly to helping Hope Has Arrived bring hope to people impacted by cancer. Each copy is signed by Chris Lawrence and in new condition and is a first edition (has a minor error in the table of contents). Pick yours up today and help us bring hope against cancer to many people!

Price includes shipping. We can only ship to the lower 48 of the United States.